What is the Montessori Method?

Montessori Method of education was founded in 1907 by Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy's first woman doctor. This is the method she created for early childhood education. The Montessori Method was completely based on her scientific observations of child learning processes.

How does the Montessori Method differ from the nursery teacher training program?

The approach towards Montessori Method is based on Child Psychology. It caters to children's individual learning needs based on each child's pace and growth.

Is this course available in the offline or classroom mode?

The Montessori Method is a skill-based method. Ideally, it is preferable to learn through a full-time training program. But if interested leaners do not have access to a full-time program, the online program is the second best option. But this course is not a substitute for a hands-on course.

What is the expected salary for Montessori-trained teachers?

The salaries offered to Montessori-trained teachers differ from school to school. A small, privately-owned Montessori House of Children's basic pay scale varies from INR 5,000/- to INR 12,000/-.  The bigger, well-established schools offer a starting salary from INR 20,000/- up to INR 35,000/-.  The salary is also subject to the teacher's past experience and qualifications. A well-trained Montessori teacher can also start her own Montessori House of Children.

Do you have data on the demand for Montessorian teachers?

No, we don't have specific data since the learners trained in the Montessori Method may not always get jobs in Montessori Method practicing schools. They are also recruited in traditional schools following national and international curriculum.

Will Montessorians United help in placements?

Many schools approach us to recruit our trainees. Schools appreciate teachers with knowledge of Montessori Method, hence our trainees are always in demand. Once the trainee completes the course with us and becomes a member of our group her name will be on our list. She will keep getting updates from various schools for requirements.

Can we retake exams, if we are unable to take it the first time?

The online program is designed in a way that a learner cannot progress to the next level unless he or she completes that level.

Is there any grace period for submission of assignments?

The online program is learner-friendly and allows the learner to move at his or her own comfortable pace. As soon as one module is completed and assignments submitted, the learner can move on to the next module. There is no minimum time stipulated, however the maximum time given to the learners is three months.

What is the scope of Montessori education in India?

Dr. Montessori travelled to India and conducted her training sessions for more than two years. Her personal presence has made an impact on the Montessori movement in India, which is very strong. There is a lot of awareness of the Method and its benefits all over India.

Am I eligible to open a Montessori school, after completing the course? What kind of investment do I need to make?

The complete set of Montessori materials costs around INR 1.5 lakh to INR 2 lakh. A complete set of materials is enough for setting up one environment of 35 to 40 children.

How practical is it for a child from the Montessori Method to connect with Indian traditional teaching system after pre-school?

The curriculum for children of ages two to six in a Montessori House of Children covers all what a child would be doing in a non-Montessori traditional pre-school method. In fact, a child coming from the Montessori Method can cope with emotional and academic pressures much better.

If I do not understand any topic from a module how quickly will my query be resolved?

There are frequent live “Ask the expert” sessions planned for all learners. The query from learners will be attended immediately. The learners will be provided with a schedule for the earliest available live session.

Is the Montessori Method of education good for children with learning disabilities?

Yes, the method has many benefits for children with special needs. The multi-sensorial approach and individualized lesson planning of the Montessori Method helps children with special needs immensely.

Do I need to be apprehensive about mixed age groups?

No, having a mixed age group is one of the main features of the Montessori Method. If managed well, it is extremely helpful for the teachers. The older children can act as assistants to the teachers, and the younger ones learn better when learning from their peers. But an untrained and inexperienced teacher can end up creating chaos in the environment.

Is it true Montessori schools do not have textbooks, exams and homework?

Yes, the Montessori approach follows the child and not a prescribed curriculum set by the school management or teachers.

Can you summarize the Montessori philosophy in one line?

The Montessori approach is an 'education for life.'

What project will I be working on?

You will have to take up and complete a guided project as part of this course. The project work will be facilitated and assessed by the course creators. As part of the project you will be guided through the procedures to  create nomenclature cards, language materials, activity charts or daily planners and progress report cards of  the children to name a few. The deliverables of the project can be used as a manual/job aid during your day to day activities in a Montessori environment.